Monday, April 19, 2010

'Your Art Here' in Downtown Brooklyn

We were walking by 177 Livingston Street near Gallitan Place in Downtown Brooklyn (across the street from Dallas BBQ) when we saw this map detailing all sorts of local art venues hanging in the window.

The art happening at 177 Livingston is part of the "Your Art Here" program. Your Art Here was created by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership to make space available to artists in temporarily vacant properties in the Downtown area.

177 Livingston Street  is the home of three arts organizations: Triple Canopy, Light Industry, and The Public School New York. The groups present screenings, lectures, classes, artist talks, readings, and performances, all open to the public.

For example on Tuesday, April 20, Light Industry will present work by seminal guerrilla television outfit Videofreex, featuring a number of newly restored tapes. Titles to be screened include, among others: Fred Hampton – Black Panthers, Chicago, 1969 Fred Hampton - Chant and Demonstration, 1970 Women’s Lib Demonstration NYC, 1970 Davidson’s Jail Tape, 1971 Interview in the Street II, 1971 Trashing and Gassing in Miami, Republican Convention, 1972 Lanesville Overview I, 1972 Woodstock ’69, Tape #24, and more.

The calendar at 177 Livingston Street is packed with events. Other Your Art Here venues are scattered around Downtown Brooklyn (a past venue included six vacant storefronts on Flatbush).

Photo by MK Metz

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