Friday, April 2, 2010

Used Chinese Drywall? Then 'Gut Your Home,' Says CPSC

Thousands of U.S. homes tainted by Chinese drywall should be gutted, according to new guidelines released Friday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to the Huffington Post: "We want families to tear it all out and rebuild the interior of their homes, and they need to start this to get their lives started all over again," said Inez Tenenbaum, chairwoman of the commission.

A Florida senator wants to go after the Chinese government to pay for the gutting.

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Unknown said...

Doing business with a totalitarian communist state is never a good idea. Americans need to understand that a communist state is not and never will be a friend to freedom loving Americans. My heart goes out to all the American families and small businesses and contractors that will lose money trying to make this right for the homeowners. The communist Chinese do not make quality products, they flood the market with cheap goods made under less stringent controls.
Robert P. Davenport II

bj said...

Agreed, we are poisoning ourselves and our children with these dangerous products.