Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fiddlehead Ferns and More Spring Delights at Brooklyn Fare

This morning we ran over to Brooklyn Fare (200 Schermerhorn Street at Hoyt in Downtown Brooklyn) to see if they had any fiddlehead ferns, for which we have many fond springtime memories.

Not only do they have fresh fiddleheads, but they're selling little baby purple and white cauliflower (whole perfect little bitty heads), baby romanesco, and baby orange cauliflower, among other produce. (Click on the photo to see these little sweeties.)

Prices: Fiddleheads are expensive, selling for $19.99/lb; the others are all $7.99/lb.

If you go for the fiddleheads, make sure to cook properly to avoid stomach upset. Here's how the dad (now deceased) at that little Italian produce store on Court Street in Carroll Gardens taught us to make these about 20 years ago: Wash the little dried leafy things off, then boil about 5-10 minutes; dry,  then saute in in oil or butter with maybe a little chopped shallot or garlic. Some people add a bit of bacon.

Photo by MK Metz 

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At the Verizon Store said...

Fiddlehead ferns are only available for a couple of weeks inthe spring, hence the cost. Another spring favorite -- soft shell crabs!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed some nice fiddle heads at Forager's market in DUMBO, about $15 a lb.