Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video: 'Some History About Montague Street' Part 1

From "Four Chimneys" to "Without a Trace" -- with its classic stroll down the Montague Street of 25 years ago -- to the old Wall Street Ferry (and what it looks like today), Brooklyn Heights history fans will enjoy Karl Junkersfeld's video "Some History About Montague Street" Part 1.

Karl says it's about "the street everyone seems to hate.  Not me.  I love walking down Montague and love many of the buildings on that stretch of real estate."

The upcoming Part 2 will look at the Heights Casino, Hotel Montague, Bossert etc.  

Thanks very much Karl. (Karl is a frequent contributor to the Brooklyn Heights Blog.) Here's the YouTube link.

UPDATE: Brooklyn Heights Blog has posted another of Karl's video's depicting his struggles with his illegal  lawn chair in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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Philip said...

That Hungarian Restaurant in the background of that scene? I ate there a few times. I think the restaurant was also on the other side of the street as well.

bj said...

I remember Old Hungary and their goulash. Never knew why they closed. Anybody know why they moved out?

Philip said...

2 years ago I spent 10 days in Budapest and since that time have not found a decent Hungarian restaurant anywhere. My Mother's Mother was a great Hungarian cook. The place on Montague St approximated her abilities. It is a shame.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to eat there and didn't. Learned a lesson from that.