Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Major Facelift for BQE Ditch -- Only 'Botox'

A big crowd turned out for the "Fix the Ditch" meeting held May 4 at LICH, according to the Brooklyn Eagle. But as was expected, major redos -- such as decking over the entire trench (an idea of Mayor Bloomberg, shown above) -- aren't in the works.

Rather, reports Trudy Whitman, "Enhancements will be more on the order of nips, tucks and Botox injections, so to speak."

Fixing the BQE 'Ditch': Cobble Hill Residents Weigh Options Brooklyn Eagle

Other bright suggestions for fixing the ditch -- such as turning it into a canal for boats -- can be seen at Curbed.

- More BQE Enhancement Details

We believe the graphic shown was originally published in the NY Post, though it is no longer posted

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bj said...

That's hilarious.

BrooklynTrolleyBlogger said...

What? You don't like my ditch?
signed robert moses

Anonymous said...

He wanted to run it right through Brooklyn Heights as well.