Monday, May 10, 2010

Hell of a Wind Storm Downs Trees, Garbage Cans in Brooklyn Heights

Saturday's wind storm came howling through Brooklyn Heights like a battering ram, ripping apart trees, blowing heavy metal garbage cans off the sidewalk and shredding leaves.

A huge tree in front of 60 Clark Street  was cracked right down the middle, with one half falling onto another tree. FDNY had to send men up with saws to cut it free.

Afterward, the teams sawed the larger branches into pieces.

According to the Wall Street Journal, another huge tree feel across power lines off of Avenue M and 24th St. in Brooklyn during the storm. New York City Transit bus routes were changed in the city due to debris falling from buildings.

Gothamist says that WABC 7 reported, "The high winds swept one woman out to sea when she was swimming in Brooklyn."  Wild.

More wind photos at Brooklyn Heights Blog.

 Photos by MK Metz

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