Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New York Times Salivates Over Brooklyn Prime Meats Restaurant -- But Gives It Two Stars

Woe unto those who don't live in Carroll Gardens!

That's the stance the New York Times takes as it extols that "the very good and very beautiful Germanish restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn," Prime Meats.

The Times watches as people who made the mistake of living in Chelsea or Park Slope or Montclair stand on Court Street nightly, staring through the plate-glass windows, trying to get into a place that doesn't take reservations or (gasp) credit cards!

It's the food that has the Times swooning. Roasted La Belle Rouge chicken, "the breast brined in pickle juice before cooking and the bird’s fat, luscious thigh meat shredded into a tangle with sautéed farmstand greens;"  a "thickly torn, apple-wood smoked trout salad;" the Vesper Brett, a "snack board of German cured meats with pickles, mustard and bread."

The review alone makes you hungry! Oddly, the Times gives Prime Meats only two out of four stars -- based entirely on two inconveniences: you have to line your pockets with mucho Ben Franklins if you want to enjoy Prime Meats, and you can't make reservations.

Otherwise, "There are really no other downsides to eating" at Prime Meats, says the Times. In fact, "It is an extremely pleasant place."

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