Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Ghost Bike; MTA Safety Record Scam; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Another ghost bike has appeared in the Downtown Brooklyn vicinity. This one, painted white and adorned with flowers, commemorates Dominik Perez. Brooklyn Eagle 

- All kinds of robberies at Atlantic Terminal Mall.  The Local

- 63 percent of Brooklyn Jews are non-observant. Matzav

- Parks officers booted a homeless man from his elaborate, six-foot-tall house of twigs inside Prospect Park.  Brooklyn Paper 

- The MTA starts its prosecution today of more than a thousand employees, potentially involved in a massive scandal to falsify MTA safety records. NY Magazine

- A new discount card for shoppers in Park Slope.  Brokelyn

- The Irish weren’t always respected and St. Patrick’s Day was not always a day of festivities in the cities of Brooklyn and New York. Brooklyn Eagle

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Chicken Underwear said...

You can see Marty's car parked on the sidewalk from the ghost bike.

mcbrooklyn said...

Excellent post, CU