Thursday, March 10, 2011

UFO Over Williamsburg; Hamster Killer Charged with Felony; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- A New York teenager has been charged with a felony, with the possibility of a two-year prison sentence, for killing her family's pet hamster. Reuters

- A blue UFO sighted over Williamsburg was recorded on a man's cell phone Monday night. The resulting video is so unexciting it's probably real. WPIX (For probable explanation, see commenter Joe on Queenscrap.)

- Check out Brownstoner's 1900-ish photo of one of three major league baseball parks in Brooklyn back in the day. Brownstoner

- American Apparel sex allegations not surprising to Brooklyn Heights hipsters. Brooklyn Eagle

- Man found dead near MCU Park after Coney Island swim. Gothamist

- Here's your chance to design and work rent-free (for 6 months) in your own little slice of Brooklyn real estate. Check out Dekalb Market's Not Just A Container Design Competition. Core77

- More than half of city's killings occur in Brooklyn at night. Brooklyn Eagle

- More TSA screwups and criminal activity: Man gets on plane twice without a ticket; TSA agent slips drug dealer past security; and more. Gothamist

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Zachary Goelman said...

I think the Brooklyn Eagle may have their numbers wrong when they write "More than half of city's killings occur in Brooklyn at night."
The police statistics they cite can be found in the link below, which puts 42% of NYC homicides in Brooklyn, regardless of the time of day.