Thursday, March 17, 2011

Forest City Ratner to Slap Together Prefab Tower at Atlantic Yards

 The NY Times reports that developer Bruce Ratner is pursuing plans to erect the world’s tallest prefabricated steel structure in a bid to cut costs at his Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn.

The cheapo 34-story tower "would fulfill his obligation to start building affordable housing at the site," according to the Times. If it's anything like the 15-story Ark Hotel in China -- a similar prefab project that Ratner has shown interest in, according to the Times -- the thing could be slapped together in a couple of days.

Construction workers are simply shocked that Ratner would do this. They were his most most ardent supporters, the Times says, "during years of stormy community meetings, where they drowned out neighborhood opponents with chants of 'Jobs, jobs, jobs.'"

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