Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brooklyn's Two Young Republican Clubs Locked in War

Did you know that Brooklyn has not one but two young Republican clubs?

And they are at war with each other.

One is the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, founded (according to the Brooklyn Eagle) in 1880 during the James Garfield presidential election campaign.

The other is the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club (notice there's an "s" at the end of "Republicans"), founded a month ago.

Here's the kicker:

“This weekend, in an unprecedented sneak move, a handful of insider Republican operatives in charge of the Association of NYS Young Republican Clubs deceitfully revoked the Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s membership in order to admit Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton’s Young Republicans into the state organization within 10 days from its first meeting,”said Republican Club leader Jonathan Judge.

And poof! The 131-year-old Brooklyn Young Republican Club looses its membership.

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Anonymous said...

Which one is the 'official's' and which is the 'provo's'?
Got to check the pedigree.

Brooklyn YR said...

I have been to both clubs' meetings and can say for sure that Judge is a fake.

Gallo is the real deal. He has always supported Republicans and has a resume that blows Judge's out of the water.

I recommend to anyone reading this to give each club a shot and see what you think.