Monday, March 7, 2011

Cat Killers in Court; Tomb of the Unknown Cyclist; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Naming rights to attractions in Brooklyn Bridge Park could soon go up for sale to offset the $16 million annual maintenance budget. NY1

- Accused cat killers in court.  Brooklyn Eagle 

- Activists to install "Tomb of the Unknown Cyclist" at Brooklyn Borough Hall.  Brooklyn Paper

- Sad hipster is sad. In oh so many ways. Regretsy 

- Judicial Hearing Officers in Brooklyn and across the state are being fired due to budget cuts. The 300 experienced judges who get paid very little will be replaced by law clerks who get paid approximately three to four times as much. Brooklyn Eagle 

- Large, majestic but kinda scary dog has been living in Prospect Park for more than three years. Brooklynian

- Brooklyn Magazine, a full-color glossy with  features on illustrious local figures and a fiction section, debuts next week. The quarterly will launch with a 25,000-copy printing and will sell for $4.99. Crain's NY  

- A month-long installation at the Brooklyn Museum has sprouted a fabric forest of giant trees and mushrooms. WSJ 

- The 3-acre former site of the Thunderbolt, one of classic roller coasters of Coney Island’s golden era, is back on the market. Brooklyn Eagle

- The southeast corner of Dean Street and Underhill Avenue will soon have a new eating and drinking establishment. One Hanson Place

- Japan's health ministry has halted the use of vaccines made by Pfizer Inc. and Sanofi-Aventis SA following the deaths of four children. Reuters 

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Anonymous said...

The Eagle is wrong. Law clerks don't get paid 3-4x the amount JHOs get paid. $300/day x 220 days (most work full time) equals $66k/year. Law clerks get paid more (anywhere from about $75-1125k/year), but not 3-4x, and are arguably more productive in their substantially younger years (most JHOs are past age 76, when they were forced to retire under NY law).

bj said...

I see it was a JHO (Justice Ira Harkavy) who provided that figure. I wonder if he is counting insurance, pension and other extras, which I assume JHOs don't get but presumably law clerks do.