Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan: Try Sending In Robots to Help Dump Water On the Reactors

Japan has the most advanced robots in the world -- they are used to help care for the aged, and are even searching for earthquake survivors. 50 - 100 brave workers are risking their lives hosing down the burning reactors. Why not send in helper robots?

Police robots are highly mobile, with such sophisticated audio and visual systems they can be used for bomb removal and disposal. Some can survive multiple blasts, and seem well suited to working near a burning radioactive core.

If there are any robot experts out there, let us know if this is being considered.

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Anonymous said...

What robot exactly would be able to haul a massive amount of heavy hose up stairs and halls, most of which are blocked by significant debris? A roomba?

Anonymous said...

Several of these robots designed by the Tokyo Institute of Technology could be adapted for the job:

Davis said...

Unfortunately all robots get fried in that environment. Look at what happened in Chernobyl when they brought in robots and equipment. It all broke down. That's why they called the people who eventually had to go in and do the dirty work, "bio-robots"