Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tobacco Warehouse Back in Court; Brownstone Brooklyn Getting Richer; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Tobacco Warehouse issue back in court, with more groups getting sued.  Brooklyn Eagle 

- Park Slopers terrified of Hip Hop?  Gawker says this; and Brooklynian says that. But the petition signers say WTF.

- Employees of cash-strapped states such as New Jersey, California and New York are retiring in droves -- trying to get out while they still have pensions.  DailyFinance 

- Brownstone Brooklyn is growing and getting richer.  Brooklyn Eagle

- Google Street View shows New York City tourists, abandoned baby.  Gothamist

- Long Island cops said a man who crashed a truck into a utility pole appeared to be on his way to carry out a mass killing. NY Post 

- California woman survives 35-mile terrifying ride on the hood of a minivan. NY Magazine

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