Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Wants Criminal Investigation of Son's Death in Bushwick; Police Stonewall

Last October, a truck dragged cyclist Mathieu Lefevre 40 feet on a street in Bushwick, then left the scene of the crash. Lefevre died, and police said he was at fault.

It took a Freedom of Information Act filing, but now the cyclist's parents have discovered that the NYPD took no data from the truck’s event data recorder, made no written description of the scene, and never sampled blood and paint marks on the truck’s front bumper.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the driver has been issued traffic summonses for failure to signal and failure to exercise due care -- but the NYPD has said there will be no criminal investigation.

Video evidence, which the police never looked at, show the truck turning right without signalling, running over Lefevre. As to the lack of photos of the blood smeared over the truck's bumper? A police checklist shows that the camera was broken.

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