Sunday, January 29, 2012

iPhone Box Selling for $15,098 on eBay

A bidding war has broken out over an empty iPhone box on eBay. Over the last two days, the bids have climbed from $4.99 to $15,098.

The headline states: "Apple iPhone 4s Black -Box only for a 16GB (Unlocked) Smartphone SHIP WORLDWIDE!" 

The item's description at the bottom of the page clearly says,
"I am selling an ORIGINAL iPhone 4s BOX which can be used to hold a 16GB iPhone (or any iPhone 4). This comes with the original manual!!! but not the phone. Great condition only a few minor scratches on the back like normal. The front is perfect! Email me with any questions. Others like this have sold for over $450. No Phone inside the box! All Sales Final. No refunds. Understand what you are buying. This auction does not come with the phone at all - just the box."

The seller is the Holy Land Gifts Store located in Jerusalem, Israel. But the seller will not sell it to anyone in Israel.

This item was first reported on Reddit after the price hit $180. It quickly increased to $3,000. Some Redditers jumped in and bid it higher -- but mysterious bidders counter-bid it into the stratosphere.

Why does anyone want an empty box?

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Anonymous said...

You ruined it! The auction has now been pulled :( And I was the "high" bidder.

Anonymous said...

No, I was the high bidder! Must. Have. The. Box.

Anonymous said...

What was in the box:

Anonymous said...

There are actually lots of auctions for empty iPhone boxes. Not quite sure why, but there it is.

Unknown said...

you guys are stupid its obvious its a scam to laundering money