Monday, January 30, 2012

Thousands March Over Brooklyn Bridge to Protest Ban On Churches Renting Space in Schools

Hundreds Thousands of pastors and church-goers (including Comptroller John Liu and other officials, above) rallied in Downtown Brooklyn and then marched over the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday afternoon to protest the city's plan to ban them from renting space in public schools.

Roughly 60 congregations without their own church buildings rent space in schools to hold worship services. The ban is set to begin February 12.

The city decided to ban all churches from renting space in schools after the Supreme Court decided not to hear an appeal from a Bronx Church in December. (More on this decision at NY Times)

The rule specifically bans worship services but allows other activities in school buildings, even activities by religious groups, such as Bible study. According to the NY Daily News, the distinction is absurd because a "prayer meeting" is allowed while a "worship service" is not.

The church groups have set up a webpage at

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Photos by MK Metz

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