Monday, January 16, 2012

New York City's 2012 Idiotarod Announced, Probably

Idiots, get your shopping carts ready: The 2012 New York City Idiotarod will take probably place on Saturday, February 4.

We say probably because not only do the organizers sometimes deny they are the organizers, but because "sabotage such as tripping competitors . . . and the spreading of misinformation such as false route information is common."*

The Idiotarod consists of costumed teams of five idiots pushing lavishly decorated shopping carts over a five-mile-long course in the freezing cold, usually winding up in Brooklyn. There are multiple rules, the most important being that "any team wearing spandex is disqualified."

You should probably be ready to roll out from Zucotti Park at 10 a.m. Registration may or may not open on January 24. For full information, visit  Idiotarod NYC 2012. Or maybe not.

* In 2009, team Violent Gnomes won the award for Best Sabotage. Two members dressed as judges, taking bribes and giving bad directions.

- Idiotarod 2008 
- Idiotarod 2009 photos in National Geographic

Photo: Team Remus; courtesy of Corporation X

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