Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another Embarrassing Lapse at Brooklyn Borough President's Office?

Valerie Oliver-Durrah
The New York Post is reporting that not only did Eric Adams solicit donations from business leaders for a charity ("One Brooklyn") that doesn't exist -- but at the same meeting Rev. Valerie Oliver-Durrah, his top aid, tried to hawk the services of her private consulting firm.

Adams, like BP Markowitz, has to hustle private companies like Con Ed for extra funds for concerts and events. Unfortunately, he has not yet set up a nonprofit to handle the funds. Maybe it's just a paperwork snafu, that could happen...

If the claims are true, the much-decorated Ms. Oliver-Durrah has no paperwork excuse to fall back on.

From her bio:

"Valerie Oliver-Durrah has made a career of philanthropic advisement, non-profit management, life coaching and writing. As President and Chief Executive Officer of the Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic (NTAC), she utilizes a well-developed, executive skill set in support of organizations and leaders who seek to address the needs of underserved communities. "

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