Friday, March 14, 2014

Hip Hasidic Purim Party Bites the Dust after Rabbi's Awakening

By Miss Pupik, Flickr
The popular, raucous Purim party at hip Crown Heights synagogue Chevra Ahavas Yisroel is no more.

Crown Heights Info reports that the congregation’s rabbi, Yechezkel Denebeim, 28, "abruptly canceled the March 15 bash" after he experienced an “awakening” during a recent trip to Israel.

"Instead of cramming up to 600 people into the congregation’s Albany Avenue synagogue–where liquor flowed and there was masked dancing–the congregation’s Purim celebration should be more a 'meaningful, Torah-infused' affair, Rabbi Denebeim wrote to members in a Feb. 14 email."

According to BJL, the congregation’s Purim party was one of the most popular in Brooklyn for young Jews. This Saturday’s party going to mimic Comic Con, with members dressed in costumes such as Batman.

But all is not lost. According to the synagogue's Facebook page, they are still planning a Family Feast:
"Come for the lavish feast, come for the spectacular music, come for the profound Torah, and for the fundamentalists among us, come for the strong drink."

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