Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SUNY Once Again Astounds Brooklyn with Its LICH Audacity: Held Teleconference with Sequestered Evaluators Right Before Vote Due

Long Island College Hospital (LICH). Photo: MK Metz
After a year-long legal battle where SUNY dragged its name through the mud, it almost appeared that they were going to follow the rules of their hard fought agreement to let the friggin' Long Island College Hospital (LICH) RFP process proceed unhampered.

Of the the nine different plans, four bidders submitted proposals to operate LICH as a full-service hospital.

Amazingly, now it turns out that SUNY held an unmonitored conference call with the sequestered panelists/ evaluators a day and a half before votes were due.

In this unmonitored call, it is now alleged that SUNY misled panelists about an item of substantive importance to the vote.

A letter from attorney Jim Walden printed in the Brooklyn Eagle says,
"Specifically, we understand that SUNY and DOH may have provided guidance to the Technical Committee that may have influenced its members to give a lower rating to the full-service hospital Offerors, based on a claim that these proposals could not secure regulatory authority to take over operations at LICH."

SUNY denies impropriety, in another letter printed in the Eagle. They say they were merely assisting the panelists in understanding the proposals.

“To assist the evaluators in understanding the proposals, SUNY offered to provide an opportunity for a discussion with a representative from the NYSDOH on Monday, March 24, 2014 on Article 28 hospital regulations."

No matter what SUNY and DOH spoke to the sequestered panelists about:

The idea that SUNY and DOH, defendants in multiple lawsuits over LICH, could think they could have a private conversation with the LICH panelists about ANYTHING right before the vote is absolutely mindblowing.

Back to court? SUNY denies claim of last-minute LICH voting interference [Brooklyn Eagle]

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