Friday, March 14, 2014

Brooklyn's Ugliest Buildings; Layoffs at LICH; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Hundreds to be laid off at LICH, as final round of bidding approaches deadline. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- The Department of Homeland Security raided an East Williamsburg apartment building this weekend. [Free Williamsburg]

- Here’s a chance to yell at your elected officials about the G train. [Brokelyn]

- Want to be the District Manager of Brooklyn's Community Board 12? [KarmaBrooklyn]

- What are Brooklyn's ugliest buildings? Cast your vote. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Everybody wants this money: The city's public hospital system is trying to get one-quarter of the $8 billion in federal hospital waiver funds. [NY1]

- Check out Joan Rivers' creepy selfie in an airport lounge with Eliot Spitzer in the background. She says, "I didn't recognise him with his pants on." [Twitter]

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chickenunderwear said...

I am missing something in the Brooklyn Eagle article. How do you vote?

Anonymous said...

The layoffs are step 1 in closing it down, which is just what's going to happen notwithstanding the alleged settlement. As I wrote in a longish prior comment, it was all smoke and fury with no long lasting result and there were no guarantees or ways to enforce the oral statements and alleged promises.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the opinion of some LICH will continue to survives with one of the several new bidders that are presenting proposals for a full hospital . SUNY cant sabotage the process with everyone now on to them & watching.

mcbrooklyn said...

Hi Chicken Underwear,
I think you just write it in as a comment here: