Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brooklyn Rabbi/Murderer Complaint Thrown Out; Ownership of the Бруклин Нетс; and More Brooklyn Briefs

Can anyone please tell us what the item referred to in the above tweet is???

- City to pay $100,000 settlement to Brooklyn man beaten by cops in synagogue. [NY Daily News]

- Rep. Michael Grimm shaves aide’s head, does not throw him off balcony. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- A federal judge has dismissed a civil rights complaint filed by Brooklyn rabbi/convicted murderer Victor Koltun against judges, police, prosecutors and lawyers in Newburg. [Record Online]

- The owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, is transferring ownership of the basketball team (the Бруклин Нетс) to his home country.  [Time]

- Creepy clown haunting Staten Island has locals in seething tizzy. [NY Magazine]

- Microsoft offers users $100 credit on a new PC to switch from XP. [Geekwire]

- Fourteen dead, more than 100 people missing in Washington mudslide. [CBS]

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