Monday, March 17, 2014

Pie Chart: What % of LICH Would Be Medical Services, vs. What % Developed, Under Related /Brooklyn Hospital Plan?

Dr. Becker, CEO of Brooklyn Hospital has been trying to sell a proposal that would close LICH, a competitor to Brooklyn Hospital.

In the Related / Brooklyn Hospital proposal, Related Companies would buy the 20-building complex, build 1,000 apartments, and lease one of the buildings to Brooklyn Hospital for walk-in medical services. (People needing hospitalization or serious treatment would have to go elsewhere.)

At meetings in Red Hook and Carroll Gardens, Dr. Becker refused to say what percentage of  LICH's square feet would be dedicated to medical services vs what percentage would be developed by the Related Companies.

(Brooklyn Eagle story on the Red Hook meeting here.)
(Brooklyn Eagle story on Carroll Gardens meeting here.)

So we decided to try it.

SUNY, which owns LICH, put square footage information in their reissued Request for Proposals (RFP). Based on this and Dr. Becker's Carroll Gardens presentation --  where he said the health-related services would all be in the Fuller Pavilion -- we came up with the following pie charts.

1: The first chart below visualizes the square footage of the Fuller Pavilion (232,308) as if it were totally filled with medical services, compared to the total square footage of the 19 other LICH buildings (819,266 ):

This is a starting point. Now we have to factor in that Related Cos. wants to knock down the buildings and redevelop them. There is undeveloped property surrounding the existing buildings that could be built on, and other factors like air rights. Related would also like to rezone this section of Cobble Hill so it can build even bigger.

So let's factor in a bit of knock down and rebuild.

We believe 2 of the buildings are landmarked. Increase the residential square footage to 3 million, a number we pulled out of our hat based on absolutely nothing, and again assume all of the Fuller Pavilion is filled with medical services. Here is chart number 2:

This probably overestimates the amount of space devoted to medical purposes (since every time we've heard this proposal the number of ER bays and locations change).

But at least it's a pretty pie chart.

Two other developers are submitting similar plans.

There are six proposals in the works. Three of them DO propose full service hospitals at LICH.

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