Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anti-Cuomo Demonstrations at Schools Across NYC Thursday

Big doings at roughly 100 NYC public schools tomorrow, many in Brooklyn:

Parents, student and teachers from throughout the city will "hold hands, form a human chain and surround their schools to show how they are determined to protect their schools from Governor Cuomo’s attempt to defund, dismantle and privatize our public schools," according to NYC Public School Parents.

The protests are taking place before and after school  hours.

According to Chalkbeat:  "Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he would link a potential boost in state education funding to a series of controversial policy changes, including tying teacher evaluations more closely to student test results, raising the charter-school cap, and placing consistently low-performing schools in the hands of outside groups."

Participating Brooklyn schools include:

PS 3
PS 9
PS 20
Arts & Letters (with PS .20)
PS 307
Brooklyn Arbor
PS 84
PS 110
PS 257
PS 297
Brooklyn New School (with BSC below )
Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (w/ BNS)
PS 32
MS 442
MS 447
MS 51
PS 230
PS 154
PS 295
MS 443 and MS 88 (w/ PS 295) 
PS 10
PS 124
PS 130
PS 169
PS 172
PS 230
PS 24
PS 58
PS 118
PS 261
PS 321
PS 372
PS 29
PS 39
PS 280
PS 107
Park Slope Collegiate
PS 15
Internat'l HS Pros. Hts
PS 214
PS 145
PS/IS 384

Some schools are also holding marches and speak outs. For example:

* At 3:10 PM, parents, teachers and students at PS 58 in Brooklyn will march up Smith St. and meet up with the school community at PS 261.

* At 7:45 PM, Brooklyn New School and Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies will gather, hold signs, have noisemakers and write letters to their electeds.

Full times and locations here.

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