Friday, March 13, 2015

Verbal Ase DJs a Dance Party Inside Union Square Subway Station

Photos by MK Metz
Rushing to get back to Brooklyn from Union Square late last night, we ran into a spontaneous dance party inside the station.

The party -- complete with stoplight-style party strobes -- was DJed by subway beatboxer Verbal Ase (AKA Adym Evans).

Verbal Ase [From Outer Space] is known for musicalizing his voice, imitating the sounds of instruments,  helicopters and rhythms.

Whatever it was, the music was fabulous and everyone enjoyed the party.


Here's a bonus photo for Jessica Jamin!

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Unknown said...

Lol that's me!

mcbrooklyn said...

We've posted another photo for you!

Unknown said...

haha!! love it. so much fun!