Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Four Weird Things About Abid Naseer, the Alleged Brooklyn Terrorist

Naseer allegedly planned to attack the NYC subway system. Photo: MK Metz
A jury in Brooklyn is deliberating the case of 28-year-old Abid Naseer, accused of plotting to help Al Qaeda bomb a shopping mall and planning to attack the New York City subway syste.

Naseer, a graduate of Flushing High School in Queens, was arrested in the United Kingdom .

He plans to argue that he was only trying to find a wife on the Internet, not collaborators.

It soon becomes obvious, however, that something is "off" about Naseer.

1: Naseer (who is representing himself) constantly refers to himself in the third person .

2: He was tracked throughout his communication with at least nine different email accounts: "All owned by men posing as women," New York magazine reports.

3: He used a code in which women’s names substituted for bomb materials.

4:  During the trial, MI5 officers gave evidence "while wearing wigs and makeup to hide their identities."

Whole thing sounds a little ... odd.

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