Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pier 6 Lawsuit on Hold; '91 Photo Refutes Cop Claim; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 lawsuit on hold pending talks, the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

- This summer, the long-time directors of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Museum will both step down. Brooklyn Magazine does exit interviews.

- Daily News photo from '91 shows ex-NYPD detective with man he says he didn't remember...

- With CB2’s withdrawal, there are questions about the role of the Brooklyn Bridge Park advisory council, says the Brooklyn Eagle.

- 6 firefighters injured fighting that huge 4-alarm blaze in Mill Basin on Monday, reports the Daily News.

- Police caught that woman who escaped police custody at Brookdale Hospital, CBS says.

- Known as “zennes,” male belly dancers make a comeback in Istanbul, reports the WSJ. Their costumes are almost identical to those worn by their female counterparts.

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