Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Calls for Stephen Levin to Run for President, or at Least Mayor, After Rescuing Abused Cat in Brooklyn

Levin, 5th Level Druid. (MK Metz)
The public's reaction to City Councilmember Stephen Levin's daring cat rescue on the BQE -- the poor feline had been abused, shot, was pregnant AND had her paw stuck in a storm drain on the world's most terrifying urban highway -- has been coming in overwhelmingly positive.

As reported on Gothamist, Levin was seriously bitten by the creature during the rescue, which took place near Williamsburg. He delivered the cat to Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC), where they are doing their best for it medically. Levin had to go to an ER to get his bites treated.

The general consensus? Levin is a friggin' superhero. Here are a few comments on Gothamist:

"He's got my vote. I hope he runs for president."


"Best story I've heard all week - if I lived in Brooklyn, he'd get my vote for sure!"

"Whoa a good human AND he has dimples. Call me ;)"

"Democrat, Republican, or whatever - if someone is kind to innocents, that is a worthwhile human being."

(There is a comment from at least one hater. That one seems to have been voted down to the bottom.)

Perhaps the highest praise came from a Dragon Master: "Steven Levin is actually a 5th level Druid."

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Gatemouth said...

Funny, he doesn't look Druish

Gatemouth said...

Maybe i shouldda called him when i had that cat problem: http://r8ny.com/2013/01/05/der-katz-who-came-for-chanukah/

mcbrooklyn said...

Ha! Adorable story.