Saturday, July 7, 2007

7/7/07 in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Japanese band the Boredoms will stage a symbol-charged performance called 77Boadrom at 4 p.m. today. The show will feature 77 drummers, and is meant to be performed just once, on 7/7/07 in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park (free).

According to the press release, a volunteer army of 74 of "the best players in New York City's avant and experimental underground" were selected by the event's music director Hisham Bharoocha, including members of Gang Gang Dance, No Neck Blues Band, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Excepter, Sightings, Onieda, and more. They will join Boredoms drummers Yoshimi, Yojiro and Senju, alongside with 77Boadrum mastermind Eye on electronics, effects, and vocals.

A "live sculpture built of musicians," the Boredoms will stand at the center as 77 drummers on full kits will snake around them in spirals, "like the coils of a boa constrictor."

On July 7 all of Japan celebrates Star Day, says the release. "7 is the number when we try to express sun as sound," says Yamatsuka Eye. "When I look at the sun, I see number 7."

You MUST RSVP to enter the show! RSVP here.
More details here.

Photo of Boredoms courtesy of Viceland.

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viva radio said...

On July 7th, 2007, devoted participants and fans gathered at Brooklyn’s Empire-Fulton Ferry State neighborhood to experience an ensemble of 77 drummers performing as “one giant instrument” under the direction of Japanese music legends the Boredoms.

Wednesday, September 12th, Viva Radio launches an exclusive online companion to the Boredoms 77 Boadrum legacy drum event: