Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hazardous Conditions on Coney Island Boardwalk Persist

There are a large number of people suing the city over the rotten condition of Coney Island's boardwalk, says the NY Post.

“There are huge holes in the boardwalk that have been there for a year or more that have never been fixed,” Brighton Beach resident Rochelle Katz said. The 60-year-old jogger fractured left shoulder last September and is suing the city for $100,000.

This is not news to Brooklynites. The Gowanus Lounge has been reporting on the condition of the boardwalk for some time.

And an article published in the Brooklyn Eagle more than a year ago quotes Pat Singer, head of the Brighton Neighborhood Association, as saying, “It’s the worst it’s ever been." When she’s discussed the situation with the Parks Department, she added, they always claim a shortage of funds.

Photo by Eddie-S, Creative Commons license.


Anonymous said...

McBrooklyn, are you the official PR agent for the Eagle?

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Your site will have more credibility if you spread around your link sources.

mcbrooklyn said...

We'd LOVE to link to the BrooklynPaper and actually are working on a story that will link soon. The problem is that they're a weekly and the Eagle is a daily -- i.e., fresh news every day. If you look at the Brooklyn Paper's web site today (Sunday, July 8) the freshest story is dated JUNE 29 -- pretty stale for a blog. The Eagle has news from July 6. But we'll definitely add the Brooklyn Paper to our link list -- we love the paper's stance on many topics of interest and will be working with them more in the future.

sammy said...

That you, Gersh?