Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Red Hook Dog Owners: Avoid This Tree. You've Been Warned.

Signs on a tree on Van Brunt Street, Red Hook.

Starting from the top, they read:
(1) "I Heart My Pet! You Heart Yours Too! Respect Your Neighbor. Take the 'Poop' With You!"
(2) "Clean Up Your Dog's Shit; Little Dogs Are Included!" (surrounded by American flags)
(3) "R.I.P. Here Lies the Last Dog That Pooped in My Yard" (a rose is affixed to this one)

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

So check this out: I was walking down 7th ave in park slope yesterday and I see this woman picking up her dogs poop. Good, right? well, what was amzing was she was blind and she was walking her seeing eye dog. she had a bag wrapped around her hand and was feeling around the ground to pick it up. I was so happy to see this. so many "seeing" folks pretend to be blind to what their dog is doing and here's this blind woman making it a point to pick up the poop. you go girl!

Anonymous said...

There should be some sort of Citizen's Award for people like that.