Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Venue in Brooklyn: Zipcar Spreads Its Mighty Tentacles

Zipcar went all out to promote its latest Brooklyn venue: the Brooklyn Law School dorms on State Street east of Court. The Brooklyn Cyclones-mobile was parked on Atlantic (you can't reserve it though -- a Zipcar rep said it has been taken "off the grid") and a variety of Zipcars were parked near the oddly-shaped Zipcar flags on Court Street.

Meanwhile, the word is that Zipcar is the latest "amenity" (read: Fresh Direct) to be offered at many of the area’s newest developments. Zipcar is partnering with developers across the country, according to the NY Post.

Upcoming developments with on-site Zipcars include "many Brooklyn properties being marketed by the Developer’s Group, including the Aurora in Williamsburg and One Brooklyn Bridge Park," according to the Post.

More here.

Photo by MK Metz


djejnyc said...

Except you can't book cars for any weekend during the summer!

J.Gervais said...

...and ya better buy some extra insurance, because Zipcar's insurance sucks.