Sunday, July 29, 2007

Brooklyn's Green Bike Lane Marches South

The greening of Henry Street's bike lane marches relentlessly south, from Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights to, most recently, Amity Street in Cobble Hill.

McBrooklyn spoke to the lane painting crew, who gave their unofficial opinion that the Department of Transportation was going to paint bike lanes "green everywhere." Maybe they read the results of the McBrooklyn Bike Lane Color Poll.

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Photos by MK Metz


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Anonymous said...

I just saw it yesterday. It stands out but it looks good, too. There seems to be more bikers than ever.

anoraklibrarian said...

As a daily cyclist who has been both hit three times in one terrible day, and who has hurled imprecations at the scofflaws who violate the willoughby ave bike line, I can only say THANK FUCKING GOD

Anonymous said...

Have they painted to Tillary STreet lane? That might keep the cars out of it.