Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bushwick Film Maker Survives Attack By Giant Corn Mutants

Matthew Silver is a film maker / performance artist who writes to say he's turning Bushwick streets into a public theater. In this vaguely disturbing video, he makes quite the impression on passersby as he screams at them that "The End Is Now," and is attacked by giant corn mutants.

On his web site Man In White Dress, Silver says, "I’m a brilliant performer.  I work for the UNIVERSE. DONKA MONKA boing.  I’m on a spiritual journey to make the entire world LAUGH at NOTHING.  Who will help me?" Videos on his site show tourists taking his picture as he acts crazy while wearing a white wedding dress.

In his email to McBrooklyn Silver says:

"There's a certain feeling of magic, on these Bushwick streets, that lingers in the air long enough to raise goosebumps, lining across the J-line. I feel it. 'Heartpocalypse' is a film that captured this magic, to remind us that it is all real! Living deep inside of us! Radiating outward, gravitating inward. Real Magic!"

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