Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nat Geo Continues Filming Atlantic Avenue Tunnel; Bob Diamond Files Intent to Sue City Over Tours -- UPDATED

We've been trying to find out how the National Geographic filming of the amazing Atlantic Avenue Tunnel is going. (And have they found What's Behind The Wall yet?)

Here's what we heard from National Geographic:

"National Geographic Channel is working on a show related to the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel that is intended to air later this year. We have been filming in the Brooklyn area and production is expected to continue over the next several months. The project has yet to yield any definitive results and, as our production is still in a preliminary stage, we can provide no further details at this time."

So there you go.

Meanwhile, the indefatigable Bob Diamond, champion* of the tunnel, has filed a notice of claim against the DOT, which has barred him from giving his immensely popular tours for safety reasons.

He says the DOT previously declared the tunnel safe for tours, and says the agency’s conduct is “arbitrary, capricious and constitutes an unlawful taking of property." (See Brooklyn Eagle for a bit more about this.)

UPDATE: A bartender at Montero’s Bar and Grill on Atlantic Avenue, confirmed that the Nat Geo crew had stopped into the bar for a break last week while they were taking images outside with a device called a magnetometer, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

*Diamond discovered the long-lost tunnel -- which runs under Atlantic Avenue between Boerum Place and Hicks Street) in 1981, after hearing about the legend of a Civil War era rail tunnel on a radio show. After an eight-month search (during which he was repeated advised by City officials to give up on his lost cause) he struck gold -- uncovering, intact, the world's first subway tunnel.

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Anonymous said...

How can it be an unlawful taking if the City takes back its own property? Bob, it's called a "Revocable Consent" because the City reserves the right to revoke the consent at any time.