Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Grande Benin Squeaks Under the Brooklyn Bridge

The Grande Benin, of Grimaldi Lines' Southern Express Service, usually hauls cargo between North Europe and West Africa. But Friday she took up most of the shipping lane between Governors Island and the Brooklyn Bridge, and must have been an impressive sight to people walking over the bridge as she squeaked under it.

From the Grimaldi Lines' web site: "The height of its main decks allows the loading of heavy and out of gauge rolling equipment such as trucks, tractors, double-deck buses and big earthmoving equipment." She ideally holds 2,000 linear meters of cargo plus 2,000 cars or vans and 800 20-foot-long containers.

Compare the Grande Benin to the regular ferry sailing next to it, on the right.

Photos copyright MK Metz

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Chicken Underwear said...

That is a cool photo.

mcbrooklyn said...

Thanks Chicken.

Lucien said...

I had seen that off Battery, dwarfing the Staten Island Ferry going by - glad to know more about it. Wonder what it is picking up..

Chicken Underwear said...

@ Lucien:

Picking up! That would be great! But I assume it is dropping off.

Anonymous said...

this ship is docked at GMD shipyard @ the Brooklyn Navy Yard for repairs

bj said...

I never realized the Navy Yard still had such a big shipyard. Cool.