Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feeling Artsy in Gowanus? Gowanus Print Lab Opens

Today we're trying to post some of the listings that came in while we were out of town, but obviously we missed out on some good stuff.

Like the Print-Your-Own-Converse Sneakers class at the Gowanus Print Lab, a new membership-based screen printing studio in Gowanus. Damn!

Ashley sent a hello to let us know what was going on:

"We recently opened our doors this past October, and we have an exciting new lineup of courses for the next coming months including Print-Your-Own-Converse Sneakers this Sunday (missed!), Wallpaper Printing, Make Your Own Band Swag, etc."

From their web site: "Our main focus is to provide our members with everything one could need to complete a variety of screen printing projects. Membership includes the use of inks, emulsions, squeegees and screens."

After seeing all those fine screen-printed goods at the Brooklyn Flea right before Christmas, we were almost inspired to try it ourselves. Sound like you? Check the site for all the important  information.

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