Friday, January 7, 2011

Does Your Brooklyn Family Love to Cook and Eat Reinvented Cultural Dishes?

Sent in by Community Board 6:

Left/Right, an award-winning television production company based in the city is developing "an exciting new television show that will highlight American families who reinvent traditional cultural dishes to reflect their unique cultural backgrounds and their love of American cuisine. Most importantly, we are interested in telling family stories that revolve around food."

The show is hoping to hear from families who love to cook and who enjoy blending their respective culture's traditions in the kitchen. The deadline for submissions is 1/15/11.

Here's some more of the official blurb:

Most importantly, we are looking for family stories that revolve around food (e.g. did your Persian rice survive the Iranian Revolution? Did your kugel come over with your bubby? Do you still serve your abuela's mole?). Whether you have a new take on latkes, a bold approach to burritos, or have invented an entirely new dish that combines your family's two cultures, we want to hear from you!

To be considered-or to nominate others-please write to us at with the following information:

· Names, ages and occupations of everyone in your household. Please include a few [non-returnable] photographs, if possible.

· City and state of residence. Tell us about your hometown.

· Brief family bio, including the different cultures and traditions upheld in your household.

· Brief description of your family's passion for cooking. Please also mention any dishes that you enjoy cooking together-specifically, any which draw upon your family's unique cultural background(s).

· Interesting stories or facts about your family that relate to food (e.g. stories about how a certain dish helped your family to get through a difficult time, recipes that have been in the family for generations, inventive ways of gathering ingredients, unique ways food is used and/or served in your family, etc.).

· Your best contact phone number(s), e-mails, etc.

Photo by Spatulated (Joshua Rothhaas), Creative Commons license

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Anonymous said...

Is this Brooklyn only? My crazy family in California has this Irish-fusion thing going on.