Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brooklyn Is a Big Robusto That Makes You Keenly Aware You Are Smoking a Cigar

We visited the web site Googlism, which queries text in Google and displays the multiple ways in which the term is used among the results. (In 2004 Google changed their servers to prevent Googlism from obtaining "fresh" data. Now all searches done on Googlism are dine using frozen data.)

According to Googlism: "... we simply search Google and let you know what website owners think about the name or topic you suggested."

Searching terms is loads of fun. Here are the first 20 or so results we obtained by searching for "Brooklyn":

brooklyn is just up the road larry bly's

brooklyn is not a bridge too far

brooklyn is hopping

brooklyn is a niche all its own for independence

brooklyn is better

brooklyn is already an established financial center

brooklyn is just up the road

brooklyn is a big robusto that makes you keenly aware you are smoking a cigar

brooklyn is a part of cleveland that has been turned savage by poverty and the adult pornography industry

brooklyn is governed by a board of six elected trustees presided over by the village president

brooklyn is the most populous borough and the most under

brooklyn is now here

brooklyn is

brooklyn is a niche all its own for independence community bank as ceo of one of the few remaining neighborhood banks in the new york area

brooklyn is the cauldron

brooklyn is a failure

brooklyn is located in kings county

brooklyn is probably as famous as manhattan

brooklyn is also a wes craven movie

It's like they read our minds!

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