Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brooklynites Desperate for Giant Floating +Pool Kick In More Than $25,000 To Get It Rolling

Money is pouring into the Kickstarter campaign to build a giant, plus-shaped floating pool in Brooklyn, preferably off Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Just a few days after the designers Kickstarted it, the +Pool campaign surpassed its goal of raising $25,000.

As the Brooklyn Eagle reported Friday, an engineering company’s feasibility report has confirmed that the Plus-Pool is technically possible. Now the design team is raising money to test the filters.

After testing is completed, the biggest hurdle the pool faces will be the regulatory, permitting and approval process, one of the designers told the Eagle. “We’re just starting off. That will be by far our biggest challenge. We need to finish our filtration report before we go there."

- Could a Giant, Plus-Shaped Pool Be Coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park? McBrooklyn

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