Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exactly Where On Columbia Street, Brooklyn, Is This?

This photo was taken by George Bradford Brainerd on Columbia Street in Brooklyn sometime between 1872 and 1887. The Brooklyn Museum would like someone to suggest a more exact location so it can be geotagged on Historypin.

Dozens of historic Brooklyn photos have been geotagged already, such as the photo below of the Dime Savings Bank by Irving Underhill , at the corner of Court and Remsen Streets in Brooklyn Heights, from somewhere between 1896-1950.

Here are the Brooklyn photo mysteries that have already been solved.

Here are the photos that still need geotagging.

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Anonymous said...

The hardware srore pictured above may have been at 270 Columbia Street. The following link is to a Brooklyn Eagle article about a hardwarestore robbery at 270 Columbia Street in 1887.
Frank Galeano