Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Park Slope Tenant Patrol May Start Sunday If Its Founder Really Exists

After the theft of his family's bicycle seats (the bikes were chained out front) Brooklynian commenter VinceInTheBay says he is starting a neighborhood Night Watch in Park Slope.

Some neighbors are
for the idea and others against it; some think he writes in an oddly stilted manner, and still others think he may not even exist, but VinceInTheBay has this to say:

"Like it or not this Tenant Patrol is going to happen and it will function devoid of any N.Y.P.D presence and above all it will be modeled to reflect the makeup of the community. This tenant Patrol will not be modeled like those inbred fools in Crown Heights. Yes I said inbred because last summer I had my own run in with them as I bicycled down Ocean Parkway."

Sounds like the patrol is getting off on the right foot! Brooklynian

Photo by Maveric2003, Creative Commons license

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Jim S. said...

Great idea and a move in the positive direction towards making the community safer and better.