Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Helicopter Buzzing Brooklyn Heights, Tuesday 9 p.m. Anyone?

A helicopter has been buzzing Brooklyn Heights since about 8:45 p.m., flying between the 25 and 30-story level over Cadman Towers and Cadman Plaza Park.

In the dark it's hard to tell what color it is but the copter is dark, possibly black. No spotlight.

Anyone know any more about it?

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bj said...

Called 3-1-1. They say there's no alert out. Probably some crazed tourist copter.

Anonymous said...

It was flying right outside my window about 45 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

The speed bump idea is terrible do you not remember the expansion joints on the Williamsburg bridge and the injuries they caused?

Your cattle car argument is strange too, by that why not have cars use sidewalks during rush hour in places where people don't walk much?

As both a pedestrian and biker on the bridge the problem lies in folks not paying attention to the situation in front of them. Whether cyclist or walker.

If there are many cyclist at the same time by your thoughts should they get more of the pedestrian path?

Just like my post just a lot of blather.

Anonymous said...

How would speed bumps stop helicopters?

bj said...

Brooklyn Heights NEEDS a helicopter speed bump.