Friday, October 28, 2011

MTA Building Not Only Plans NYU Has for Downtown Brooklyn

Wednesday's renderings showing NYU's dreams for the old MTA building at 370 Jay Street (see here) aren't the only changes NYU has in mind for Downtown Brooklyn.

Appearing on the NYU-Poly web site are two renderings (below) that show a transformed Jay Street with two new towers on the MetroTech campus, replacing the striated Jacob's building shown above.

In 2010 NYU-Poly described their long-term strategy to the Brooklyn Eagle and provided a diagram of their air rights (roughly 300,000 square feet). The renderings above show two possible configurations.

The towers, part of the NYU 2031 master plan, includes a number of changes in the Metrotech area which will enhance and expand the existing campus.

Top photo courtesy of Google; bottom renderings courtesy of NYU-Poly.

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Anonymous said...

Why replace such a nice building. The only building on that end of the street before Tillary that feels like one is in Brooklyn. Dubai is the next stop?

Horrible new designs.

Anonymous said...

Had that same feeling.

jeanX said...

Yep, Dubai.When I first heard of nyu's plans, as opposed to Stanford's on Roosevelt Island, I was all in favor of re-use.That's before I came across this...