Monday, October 24, 2011

Steven and Vanessa Now Have An Ultra-Luxury Pet Club at One Brooklyn Bridge Park

Remember Steven and Vanessa at One Brooklyn Bridge Park?

Curbed calls them "possibly the most scorn-worthy animated couple in the history of animated couples." Lindsay Robertson of The Set describes the ad they appear in (below) as a "three-pronged assault of a commercial."
Best Week Ever says, "Meet the two most insufferable cartoon people ever drawn."
Noah Garfinkle describes them as "the two least likable cartoon people to ever be conceived."
Commenters on YouTube call them yuppie/ hipster scum.

Now Steven and Vanessa have a new amenity for their annoying little status dog: a private club for pets, called the Wag Club, right in the building.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the club offers ultra-luxury services, including world-class grooming, "24/7 climate control, a Hepa air purification system and non-porous rubberized flooring that is gentle on paws and joints during playtime." Doggie-trainer-to-the-stars Robert Haussmann will help them train little Woofie as well.

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Anonymous said...

The hipster invasion personified -- how do we stop it? It almost makes me miss the yuppies...

Anonymous said...

This is either for old rich people who want to feel like hip young people or for hipsters who have the aspirations of their Republican grandparents.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the artisonal mayo shoppe.