Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stanley Bosworth's Memorial Line; Fight Over Norman Mailer's Apartment; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Sex abuse charges dropped against masturbater guy in Brooklyn. Pot changes still on. CBS Local

- Huge line of people waited Saturday to get into the memorial celebration of Saint Ann’s School founder Stanley Bosworth. Brooklyn Heights Press

- The BushwickBK blog bids adieu with a few choice words. BushwickBK

- Brooklyn parents tired of sending their sick kids to school because they can't get time off. Brooklyn Eagle

- Beloved Fort Green coffee shop Tillie's is on the market. Gothamist

- Photos: Washington Street in DUMBO now, and in 1973. Brooklyn Heights Press

- Fight breaks out over Norman Mailer's apartment in Brooklyn Heights. NY Times

- House Obama visited for sale for $13.5 million. BHB

- Savvy Brooklyn Heights businesswoman / major property owner dies after 107 years of good health. Brooklyn Heights Press

- Turns out that making women -- or anyone -- ride in the back of the bus is illegal, even in Williamsburg. The NY World

- Brooklyn knitters: These birds need your help! Really! Gothamist

- Student loan debt is unimaginably huge and you will never get out from under it. Gawker

- Scientists have found a direct link between the number of "friends" a person has on Facebook and the size of certain brain regions. Reuters

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