Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watchtower Says Not So Fast; Cellphone Robbery Up In Subways; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- There goes the NY Times, nit-picking on developers' donations to BP Marty Markowitz's charities again. NYT

- Atlantic Avenue is richer, but is it better? Crain's NY

- Not so fast! Jehovah's Witnesses are not ready to move out of Brooklyn Heights any time soon. Brooklyn Eagle

- Sexy Halloween costumes for the slut on a budget. Brokelyn

- A quaint, expensive, unsafe, blighted, friendly block in Boerum Hill. NY Times

- Esquire Magazine discovers Williamsburg! Again! It's crazy! Gothamist

- Now that you can use your cellphone in more subway stations, cellphone robbery is going up in more subway stations. Gothamist

- Ron Paul wants to eliminate the federal Student Loan program. Gothamist

- Everyone's talking about this over-the-top Halloween light show house in California. Watch it here. Laughing Squid

- Business on Diagon Alley remains at a standstill for the third day in a row as Occupy Gringotts protestors clog the streets. One percent of goblins control all of wizard financial operations! CampusBasement

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