Thursday, May 5, 2011

Asser Levy Concerts to Move; Complaints About Williamsburg Concerts; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- BP Markowitz’ summer concerts at Asser Levy-Seaside Park, an institution for 20 years, will have to move because of residents' complaints. Brooklyn Eagle 

- "Real Brooklynites" demand fewer waterfront concerts in Williamsburg. Gothamist

- Judges will stand on the courthouse steps at noon today to celebrate the "integrity and independence of the judiciary" -- and to call for a raise. Brooklyn Eagle

- Local politicians ask consideration of Watchtower properties for Brooklyn Bridge Park funding. BHB

- Want to build a secret passageway, maybe a Batcave, in your home? Curbed

- Someone tears down stoop sale signs. And someone else wants to kick his ass. Or maybe not. Brooklynian

- Apple's new software update stops phone from tracking them for up to a year. NY Magazine 

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