Monday, May 2, 2011

Sakuri Matsuri -- Cherry Blossoms -- at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Tens of thousands visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this past weekend for the annual Sakura Matsuri festival (Japanese cherry blossom festival), one of the most popular public events of the year in Brooklyn. There were fascinating activities all over the garden -- from anime standup comedy to classical Japanese dance to karate demonstrations to Samurai drama to flower exhibitions to tea ceremonies. Above is a manga demonstration at the "J-Lounge" with cute inflatable armchairs.

In spite of the crowds, the beauty of the cherry blossoms was breathtaking.

Cosplay was so big this year! There was a cosplay fashion show and groups were posing all over the garden.

The weather was perfect for sitting on the lawn under the cherry trees.

You could play all games like Sodoku and logic puzzles. Here are folks playing the ancient game of Go in the Puzzle Plaza.

In spite of usually aiming to visit the garden when we can have it all to ourselves, we really has a great time. Highly recommend.

Photos by MK Metz

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